I am all items will be into my company warehouse

such as the need to trust auction, you can first post

if you in XX city can also direct belt articles to come

if you please call first to make an appointment with

for objects fixed number of year interface and

* * * * * * * * * international auction co., LTD. Has always been the pursuit of professional services, abide by the rules of the industry, advocating the standard self-discipline, and actively cooperate with the government management departments to study the development of cultural relic artwork to auction the market direction, I successively participated in and promoted the

The announcement of the auction process include: the announcement of the auction, the auction target propaganda, and bidder contact and consultation and auction

   Auction announcements
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Trust auction phase needs to determine that the client identity, mainly refers to the identification, and prove the client identity documents. If the client is a natural person,
   Auction entrust stage

   The auction of the operating
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Bidder after consultation and see kind of process, for made it clear that its participating in bidding intend, it must carry on the registration, and can become

   Company profile